Have you ever had a long list of choices and there was one thing that just popped out; that drew you in and felt like the perfect fit? This is it for me. Writing about the little details of life and God’s truth in the midst of everything so that you’re built up and encouraged.

There are plenty of other things that have captured my love and heart. First is my Heavenly Father, God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Second is my dark and handsome husband. Third are my two treasures, Cristiano Nathaniel and Sanjay David.

After those things, I love to spend time with family, sing, read the Bible, play guitar, run, talk and listen to others, travel, learn new things, affirm, take pictures, drink light and sweet coffee, redecorate, daydream, blue skies with white clouds, reconnect with amazing people, talk to God, and bake cookies.

I spent a few years getting a bachelor’s in Education at some amazing Christian education institutions. It led to a few years serving in public education and some time in a Masters of Ministry program. It also led to a brief visit to Mozambique.

The world is beautiful when you see God in it.


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