Did you know Obadiah…is a book in the Bible?

So there’s this book in the Bible called “Obadiah” and if you like short books, this one is for you. It’s not just short; it’s micro! Only one chapter!

But here’s the question: Why read it? If you’re a New Testament-loving Bible reader, there’s probably not one underlined verse in your Bible’s Obadiah. Am I wrong?

But just for fun, to say you did, read this book. 🙂

Yes, it’s a minor prophet writing about the condemnation of a nation but instead of focusing on the potential dryness of the accounts, focus instead on the Word of the Lord, how many times the word “Lord” is used, and what this book teaches you about the character of God.

Specifically, verse 3, is where we find what might have triggered this vision.

Let’s have fun. 🙂 Comment one word you think is what I’m describing and we’ll see what everyone finds!

Enjoy Obadiah!



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