Ecclesiastes 11: You Just Never Know

Are you a planner? Does it unsettle you when those plans change, outside of your control?

Are you a “Let’s just see how this day unfolds?” kind of person? Do you leave things for later, only to find time has run out?

Then this chapter has something for the both of you! Let’s read the short chapter 11 here!

I’ve talked to people who have saved things for years, to find out they needed it later that year. What a relief!

I’ve known people to purge things on a regular basis (me for one!) which makes room not only for blessings others but for being blessed.

What do we get from this chapter in Ecclesiastes? It’s wise not to assume you know what is going to happen…plan for what you desire and don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

They never will.

While you have the energy, while you have the talent, while you have the ability, while you have the resource…assuming you have some, any or all of these…invest in doing good, working hard, and starting whatever it is God has placed in your heart to do.

What is something that needs your attention? Who can you think of blessing?

Please reflect and let me know your thoughts! And I hope you join me for the last chapter’s study next Thursday!




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