Ecclesiastes 4: Friends + Contest!

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten one or even two good reflections from this book and study. It’s one that brings a refreshing perspective on certain things in life, no?

Well, we’ve reached week 4 of 12 – good job sticking it out! Or at least breezing through my emails. 🙂 This chapter’s both positive and negative; both encouraging and somber. Read it here.

Oh yeah. I’m having a contest too! What can you win and what do you have to do?

This chapter spends a few verses on the virtue of having a companion or companions. With my first ever contest, you can win a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies for you and another dozen for a friend! Or you can choose to keep the other dozen for yourself, but you want to keep that friend, right? 😉 If you’re local, I’ll drop off. If not, I’ll send them to you and your friend! Stay tuned to the end of this study for the contest directions!

If you read through this chapter, you were probably struck with three main concepts; that oppression, rivalry and evil activity on earth can make life feel like it’s not worth living.

The second main concept is that life is better with companionship.

“A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.” 4:12

And the third is that it is better to be humble in spirit than to assume everything is already figured out.

God desires the best for us, that much is clear. And it’s in this teaching that He shows us how to shape our lives and hearts to pursue His best and see His promises fulfilled!

And now it’s contest time!

Review those last three main concepts found in this chapter. Which one resonates with you the most and why? Comment below and I’ll put your name in a random name generator to decide the winner! I’ll close the contest Friday night and announce the winner in the comments Saturday morning.

Happy reading!





3 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes 4: Friends + Contest!

  1. As I was reading Chapter 4, I saw a lot of similarities with Micah 1 and 2. I am leading on study on Micah and for a minute I thought I was reading the wrong book, they are so similiar. Aside from that, I find that companionship helps us deal with the oppression you refer to in point 1. For me, it is always better to bounce things off someone else, or share a task with another. Sometimes my brain just can’t figure it out all by itself.


    1. Great text-to-text connection! 😉 You’re so blessed to have some really great companionships, throughout your journey. I’m with you on needing to bounce things off of others from time to time. In fact, once, I bounced off some suspicions in May and you helped confirm there was life growing inside! ❤ Thanks for your thoughts, Rita!


  2. Well, no need for a random name generator here! Rita @Something More to Life blog, you’re the winner! I’ll email you for your address (I don’t think I have it anymore) and the address of a friend and your cookies should be arriving later this week! Congratulations!


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