Ecclesiastes 3: Fear God

Are you enjoying the book so far? Do you find it relevant or helpful? I think it helps when someone goes a head of us and gives us life perspective like this. Read this iconic chapter here!

So you know this chapter, right? It’s the famed “Time for everything” chapter. Before we assume what we know it’s going to say, I submit to you there’s something bigger in here. And the list of “times” is just the details to the major theme.

What do you think the major theme is?

When we read the Bible, it can be overwhelming, the amount of mysteries and proverbial sayings. One key into an idea that God finds most important is repetition; when a word or phrase is used more than once in a verse, chapter or book.

In chapter 3, Solomon says in verse 14, “…for God has so worked that men should fear Him.”

This is repeated in the whole book, so it’s important, right?

fear: regard (God) with reverence and awe.

So let’s think as we go about our day, “How can I show God reverence and awe in His works in my life?”

Tell me how this translates for you!

In awe of Him,


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