Ecclesiastes 2: Just Let It Go

Welcome back! Ready for chapter 2? It is just fantastic. The kind of fantastic that takes some time to digest. The kind that gets you where it hurts and then leaves you so blessed. Read it here!

When we receive a blessing, we think it’s ours to keep; to hold forever. But it’s ours to enjoy…and give back to the Lord. Otherwise we become very discouraged and potentially depressed when, like we’re supposed to, we lose that blessing. When its season of enjoyment…is over.

Were some seasons of closing, loss or ending harder for you than others?

Was it certain relationship? A job or two? Lord forbid, but a child? At some point, we could even lose our knowledge.

When you see those small blessings, just enjoy them. Lose sight of the little things that frustrate you or cause you to criticize. In our hearts, let’s tell God, “I give these blessings to you, Lord. Thank You for them, but they’re Yours.”

Because one day they’ll be gone. One day we’ll be gone. And all that will remain is God.

For who can eat and who can have enjoyment without Him? -Ecclesiastes 2:25



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