Ecclesiastes 1 – Vanities


Did you read chapter 1 yet? No shame if you haven’t! Read all 18 verses real quick here.

If you did, let’s talk a little about your thoughts! Here are mine…

Did you notice the frequency of the word “vanity”? In my favorite version (NASB), he uses it 6 times. This is the primary message of the whole book – it’s what he thinks is most important to remember.

So what does it mean? Technically, three different things*:

  • “fleeting”
  • “futile” or “meaningless”
  • “incomprehensible”

Do any of these words describe parts of your day? Parts of your life?

“Solomon looks at the fleeting moments of life and the seemingly small gain for man’s activity under the sun. The only lasting efforts are those designed to accomplish God’s purposes for eternity.” -John MacArthur, Bible teacher

What are we pursuing in an effort to be satisfied or happy in place of God?

Are we willing to let that go for an hour, two, a day, a week?

Are we willing to fast that pursuit and get alone to just be with God?

Test it. Try it and find out what good happens from it!


I so want to hear your own thoughts on this chapter and if there is anything you’re wanting to give up. Comment below!

Until next week,



*From the “Introduction: Interpretative Challenges” section of the The MacArthur Study Bible in Ecclesiastes


3 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes 1 – Vanities

  1. 1:11 There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.

    We spend a lifetime accumulating things or doing things so we have a legacy to pass on to the next generation, but the harsh reality is that while some of those things may be remembered for a few years, all will soon be forgotten.

    The legacy I should be seeking is passing a love of God, a trust of God, a passion for God onto our children, grandchildren etc.

    My other emphasis should be on heavenly treasures, things that please God for all time.

    I look around my life and see many good things that take way too much of my time; time that could be spent on gaining a deeper knowledge of God and His love for me.

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